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Hot pressing compound machine

Article source:adminissuing time:2017-05-12 18:47

Detailed description:

Mainly applicable to hot melt film and coil hot and pressing fit. Such as: EVA, XPE, PU leather, PVC leather, aluminum film, leather, cloth, non-woven type of paste, do not need to add any adhesive directly to the hot melt adhesive as two or three layers of high temperature Hot press fit. Widely used in automotive interior, footwear, luggage, packaging, electronics and other industries.

1500,1800,2200 and so on.

Technical Parameters:
1, equipment name: hot pressing machine
2, specifications Model: JF-RY type
3, the effective coating width: 1500mm
4, heating and drying methods: external hot oil heating, centrifugal fan hot air circulation, electric heating pipe
5, temperature control: 50 ~ 300 ℃ ± 3 ℃
6, the total installed power: about 50KW (which does not include the required heat transfer oil)
7, composite speed: 0 ~ 60m / min
8, Dimensions: 13000 (L) × 3500 (W) × 1600 (H) (mm)
9, the whole weight: 6500 (Kg)10, Origin: Yancheng Dagang

1, special, unique pressure system, rewinding and rolling institutions with inflatable inflatable plastic inflatable force of the way, so that a good product without a smooth wrinkle, adhesion and strong, resistant to stripping, washing and other advantages. Retractable volume evenly constant, both sides of the tidy, simple and convenient discharge, safe operation and so on very high characteristics.
2, heating can be used to heat or heat the oil heating.
3, the press system can be used to manually adjust the worm gear or hydraulic system automatically adjust.
4, a high degree of automation, saving labor costs;
5, the use of infrared automatic correction device, which can effectively extend the life of the belt
6, the use of magnetic powder winding, so that finished smooth and smooth

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