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Strong glue compound machine

Article source:adminissuing time:2017-05-12 18:34

Mainly used for carpets, EVA, leather class, cloth, high foam and other materials on the plastic compound. Applicable to footwear, clothing, toys, handbags, luggage, cushion and other industries

1200,1800,2200,2400 and so on.

Technical Parameters:
1, equipment name: strong glue compound machine
2, specifications Model: JF-QLJ1200-2200 type
3, the glue way: scraping gum
4, drying cylinder specifications: 1200/1500 × 1200/1500/1800/2200 (mm) (customers can be customized)
5, heating method: electric heating (steam heating or heating oil heating)
6, motor power: 3KW + 1.5KW / 3HP + 2HP
7, the total power: 45kw
8, composite speed: 0 ~ 60m / min
9, Dimensions: 6500 (L) * 2000 (W) * 2500 (H) (mm)
10, the whole weight: 4000 (Kg)11, Origin: Yancheng Dagang
1, sheet, package materials can be used conveyor belt feeding glue, and to tape with pressure paste, is the finished product more solid;
2, pressure roller cylinder operation, convenient and reliable;
3, received, unwinding can be based on different materials, to choose the appropriate configuration;
4, according to the characteristics of different materials, can increase or decrease part of the device;
5, the amount of glue and coating patterns can be adjusted according to the material and the actual needs.
6, drum heating can be used electric, steam or heat conduction of the way to heat.
7, the machine roll width can be based on the actual material to the maximum width to specific.
8, using automatic correction, automatic alignment, automatic opening and other functions. So that the composite material is more uniform coating, composite formation, no tensile deformation, no blistering, no wrinkles, soft, excellent air permeability, winding neat and other advantages;

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