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Horizontal mesh belt laminating machine

Article source:adminissuing time:2017-05-12 18:30

Mainly used for sponge, cloth, EVA, leather, cardboard, artificial cotton and other glue on the paste. Applicable to medical, footwear, hats, clothing, luggage, car cushions, toys and other industries on the glue paste.

1800,2200,2600 and so on.

Technical Parameters:
1, equipment name: horizontal mesh with complex machine (alias: water glue compound machine, glue complex machine, laminating machine, fabric compound machine)
2, Specifications Model: JF-WF1500-2200 type
3, the glue way: scraping gum
4, drying cylinder specifications: 1200/1500 × 1500/1800/2200 (mm) (customers can be customized)
5, heating method: electric heating (steam heating or heating oil heating)
6, motor power: 3KW + 1.5KW / 3HP + 2HP
7, the total power: 45kw
8, composite speed: 0 ~ 60m / min
9, Dimensions: 7200 (L) × 2200/2500/2900 (W) × 2600 (H) (mm)
10, the whole weight: 3500 (Kg)
11, Origin: Yancheng Dagang

1, the use of water-based glue as a binder, health and environmental protection;
2, the use of high temperature mesh with pressure, improve product adhesion, so that the product washable, high fastness.
3, a high degree of automation, saving labor costs;
4, the use of infrared automatic correction device, which can effectively extend the life of the belt

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