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Automatic hand-connecting machine

Article source:adminissuing time:2019-09-27 11:09

Automatic hand-connecting machine
Application range:
Used in woven fabrics, coated fabrics, various leather base fabrics (spunlace, needled fabric, non-woven fabric, elastic fabric, warp knitted fabric, imitation cotton velvet fabric, suede fabric, twill fabric, island fiber, etc.) The joints of ports such as flocked leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, calendered leather and microfiber leather have unique applicability.
1500, 1800, 2000, etc.
technical parameter:
1, equipment name: hand automatic one-piece cloth machine
2. Specifications: JF-JT-1800
3. Specifications: 1200/1500×1500/1800/2200 (mm) (customer can customize)
4, the joint method: sewing
5. Origin: Yancheng Dagang
First, the flat seams are connected in a straight line and are not wasted.
Second, the width of the machine can be customized
Model classification: two-line, five-line, hot stamping, composite, embossing flat second line, over-setting machine, sanding machine with five lines

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