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Glue point transfer compound machine

Article source:adminissuing time:2019-09-27 11:37

Glue point transfer compound machine
Application range:
Mainly used in apparel fabrics, non-falling, fleece, plush, non-woven fabrics, terry cloth, cotton, denim, TC cloth, lace cloth, leather, sponge, woven fabric, PU leather, PVC leather and other materials. The composite between. Widely used in clothing jackets, winter clothes, thermal underwear, insulation pads, car interiors, shoes and hats, luggage, decoration, home textiles and other industries.
Glue point transfer compound machine gluing method: through the form of glue point transfer, according to the thickness and weight of different materials and glue requirements, tailor-made rubber flower-shaped roller, mainly rhomboid mesh and dot shape.
1500, 1800, 2200, etc.
technical parameter:
1. Equipment name: glue point transfer compound machine
2, specifications and models: JF-JDZY type
3, gluing method: scraping glue
4, the total power: 60kw
5, composite speed: 0~60m/min
6. Dimensions: 12200 (L) × 2200/2500/2900 (W) × 2600 (H) (mm)
7, the whole machine weight: 5500 (Kg)
8, origin: Yancheng Dagang
1. Customized devices can be customized according to the different requirements of different materials;
2. The amount of glue applied and the type of glue applied can be adjusted according to the material and actual needs.
3. The drum heating can be performed by means of electricity, steam or heat transfer oil.
4. Using the glue point transfer technology, the glue is evenly transferred to the lining in the form of dots, and then compounded with the lining to form an integral body;
5. The composite fabric has the advantages of dry cleaning, sand washing and water washing.
6. There are many varieties of composite materials, which are suitable for coating and compounding of cloth, non-woven cloth, cloth leather, sponge and flannel, sponge and leather;

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