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 [Frequently Asked Questions]What is the dry high speed laminator for?2017-05-13
Dry-type high-speed composite machine for BOPP, PET, OPP, CPE, nylon, aluminum platinum, paper and other roll material, t...
 [Frequently Asked Questions]The structure principle of solvent - free compound machine2017-05-13
The characteristics of the solvent-free compound machine can be summarized in one sentence, namely: compact structure, le...
 [Frequently Asked Questions] Brief analysis of solvent - free compound machine2017-05-13
Solvent-free composite process with its safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and other advant...
 [Frequently Asked Questions]Characteristics of solvent - free dry - type composite machine2017-05-13
Solvent-free dual-use complex machine features: 1. Solvent-free composite and dry composite dual-use. 2. 330 meters per m...
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