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Characteristics of solvent - free dry - type composite machine

Article source:adminissuing time:2017-05-13 11:07

Solvent-free dual-use complex machine features:
1. Solvent-free composite and dry composite dual-use.
2. 330 meters per minute high-speed composite, coins standing side [to prove the machine high-speed stable operation]
3. will speak, will be the brain of the solvent-free composite machine
4.EMC black box technology successfully used
5.MCP quasi-17 gap adjustment, challenge 0.6 micron precision [complete elimination of the traditional spike test]
6.TCC real-time coating amount detection [WRJ-13 solvent-free compound machine radar system]
7.FMCML melon with plastic [completely thrown away the traditional calculator calculation ratio]
8.MWP material width addressing
9. Only four transfer roller, to achieve multi-standard base material composite [at least for customers to save money more than 80,000 yuan]
10. Second put two-bit, to achieve the mandarin duck membrane composite [at the end of the material for the aluminum film, while the non-crossing the aluminum]

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