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Brief analysis of solvent - free compound machine

Article source:adminissuing time:2017-05-13 11:08

Solvent-free composite process with its safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and other advantages by the soft package industry's favor, in foreign countries, especially in Europe, solvent-free composite process has been quite popular. But for a long time, due to technology, glue factors hinder the popularity of domestic solvent-free laminating machine. With the introduction of a series of national environmental protection and health regulations, more and more domestic users began to pay attention to solvent-free composite machine, it is necessary to make users understand the solvent-free composite machine some structural features. It is gratifying that some soft packaging manufacturers in the equipment, technology continue to explore, in the machine, the process has made great progress, making the original positioning of high-end, expensive solvent-free composite machine for the national price.

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