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What is the dry high speed laminator for?

Article source:adminissuing time:2017-05-13 11:10

Dry-type high-speed composite machine for BOPP, PET, OPP, CPE, nylon, aluminum platinum, paper and other roll material, the use of coating method made of waterproof, breathable, can be cooked, and have good mechanical and heat sealing Of the composite material.
1. Machine control using industrial computer system central control, fully automated program, with the international level of dependence;
2. System console using the (English) interface color display, can easily display all the control data and running status, feature-rich;
3. A release volume, two volumes, roll, glue, composite, rewinding six parts of the speed synchronization and tension configuration import AC variable frequency closed-loop vector control system, to the international advanced level;
4 machine consists of a roll, into the volume, glue, dry, two unwinding, compound, winding, control, auxiliary device composed of nine parts;
5. One and two unwinding and winding device structure for the double-position flip frame structure, the use of non-core shaft pneumatic pneumatic top positioning installation. Driving and automatic tension control system with speed synchronization, tension, taper automatic control and pre-hook connection function. Can automatically flip A, B axis and non-stop automatic film, and configure the EPC gas-liquid automatic edge correction system;
6. Unwinding to the feeding system using automatic tension control, by the two sets of drive motor, two groups of non-friction cylinder, tension sensor and vector motor closed-loop system composed of computer system control implementation;
7. Coating device by the anilox roller coating head, embossing, horizontal scraping ink, plastic scraping cycle device and uniform roller and other components. Driven by AC motor, AC variable frequency closed loop vector control;
8. Drying box in four sections of heating, automatic temperature control, into the air volume can be adjusted according to process needs;
9. The inner guide roller of the oven is operated synchronously and equipped with a gas oven and a membrane operating platform.
10. Composite device consists of double-layer internal thread heating compound roller group, auxiliary preheating roller, cooling roller and the main drive system. AC motor drive, frequency closed loop vector control (work process tension automatic detection, display);
11. Passive guide roller all use hard aluminum alloy pipe, imported high-quality materials, anodized hardness HV300;
12. All low-voltage electrical components imported brand-name devices (except intermediate relays, fuses, non-standard parts);
13. Pneumatic components and the main action cylinder all by the import of brand-name accessories.

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